Waterlattex mattresses

Waterlattex is an evolution of latex, developed to improve on the shortcomings of latex and improve the support of the body. Waterlattex, is made from latex which undergoes a different manufacturing process developed and patented by Materassi & Materassi. It retains all advantages of Latex while eliminating all the disadvantages. It is produced from latex foam but injected with polyurethane water particles. The process makes the mattress more elastic and prevents it from molding and loosing its shape. The Waterlattex is an anatomic and ergonomic mattress which works according to body weight to keep the body in the correct position while sleeping. The Waterlattex mattress is always anti-allergic and anti dust-mite and is available with a choice of different materials for the outer cover.
Waterlattex Classic Teflon has a Teflon treated cover which is stain resistant. Waterlattex Sfoderabile has a zip-up outer cover, so it is easily removable and washable. Waterlattex Bielastico has a cover in the material which is elasticated thus making the mattress a little softer. It is also available in a zip-up version, therefore easily removable and washable.