Medical Form mattresses

The Medical Form mattress, is the flagship of the large range of memory foam mattresses from the Materassi e Materassi range. It is made up of 16cm memory foam. Memory foam is a very soft but dense and elastic material, which has a retardant memory. Memory foam is a pressure relieving material that moulds and contours to cradle every part of the body. Using your body weight and body heat, the memory foam takes the shape of your body allowing you to get into your most comfortable position, naturally.

The Medical Form mattress is a 18cm, 7 zone mattress and comes with a breathable cover which helps you maintain your body temperature to avoid excessive heating. The cover is removable and machine washable.

This mattress has a 10 year guarantee and like all mattresses from the Materassi e Materassi collection is Sanitized, anti dust mite and anti allergic and has many international certifications which can be seen in our certifications section.

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