Quality Certified


Materassi e Materassi complies with international BS EN ISO 9001:2008 standards. These standards are first verified and then UKAS and AJA certified. AJA Anglo Japanese American, is one of the few truly independent certification bodies that can verify companies in terms of quality, environment and safety. In the West, it operates with UKAS accreditation. The LGA certification attests to the great strength of the materials used. All products are also OEKO certified to ensure the absence of toxic and harmful substances that are harmful to  human health and the environment.


Materassi e Materassi has also been certified as a “CE Medical Device” which guarantees to the consumer that the product is made in accordance with the international quality standards regulated by Directive 95/42/CEE and CE2007/47 for medical devices. Essential features of certified products are anti-toxicity, bed sore prevention and washable. In Italy and some other markets, consumers afflicted with serious physical conditions benefit from a reduced VAT rate and other tax benefits.


The company collaborates with the University of Florence on the first real ergonomic study on mattresses in order to ensure the performance and quality of rest to its customers.