Watergreen mattresses

Water green, the new generation of mattresses with nature at their core. From the Waterlattex range, WATERGREEN has been developed – a new generation of mattresses which represents the natural evolution of sleeping and relaxation products with a new benchmark for the quality of well-being.
The WATERGREEN range of products retain all the best qualities which distinguish the Waterlattex mattress: maximum comfort, correct position of the backbone, durability, anti-allergic; but the real and true revolution lies in avant-garde technology which enables the blending, directly with the foam of the mattress core, precious vegetable oils, which ultimately improve the quality of rest, and render the WATERGREEN range, even more ecological and reusable.
The result of this fusion is a range of highly innovative products with a well balanced and ergonometric structure which helps with full relaxation of the muscles and optimum blood circulation, and at the same time contains the extraordinary beneficial properties of the vegetable oils for a truly natural, profound and regenerating comfort.